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Ever get annoyed when you're using your phone and an SMS message pops up right over the main part of the screen - requiring you to press close/reply? And as text messages are typically responded to immediately, it's frustrating that you have to wait 5-10 seconds for the SMS app to open! Oh - and did we mention how ugly those alert pop ups were?

Enter Tlert - SMS the way it should be. With less interference on your screen, a more pleasing UI, and LANDSCAPE replies from any app, including the Lock Screen!


- Compose an SMS to anyone from any app!
- Reply to any message from any app!
- "Shelf" messages onto status bar. Double tap status bar to return to messages
- Send and View Video or Picture (MMS) messages in conversation mode
- Smaller real estate taken up on incoming SMS
- More pleasing UI - with colors you can choose from!
- Respond to a text message without closing out of the app you may be working in
- Landscape SMS - faster and easier to type your Texts
- Integrates with native iPhone SMS App
- Won't show if new message is part of viewing conversation
- Message will show if not in current conversation.

Tlert uses ViewThrough Patent Pending Technology for alerting users of new events and information.

Please Note: Tlert now uses Cydia Store exclusively for purchases/license management. If you have previously purchased via Rock, please create a Cydia Store login to transfer your licenses.
4.8.3 Updates (8/31/11)
- Fix for keyboard showing on SpringBoard after letting phone sleep while in conversation mode

4.8.2 Updates
- Fix for �Done� button in conversation mode
- Fix for scroll for reply text field

4.7.11 Updates
- Fixed loading of messages when Winterboard added Background Image view
- Selection of name while composing a new SMS via Tlert now jumps to text entry area.

4.7.10 Updates
- New: Tlert waits a minute on lockscreen before allowing screen off when typing
- Fix: Reply gets interrupted on new text received while on lockscreen
- Fix: Double tap on status bar does not work inside an application
- Fix: Compose does not work inside some applications
- Fix: Mark read sometimes doesn't mark all messages in conversation as read
- Updated: Conversation view marks all message as read on read - new "back" button takes back to tlert bubbles, done now removes message from tlert list
- Fix: Autocorrect view now on top of message entry
- Removed: Confirm Sound option removed (uses phone defaults)
- Fix: Keyboard may stay on top even when tlert is completed
- Fix: Volume Down/Up still activated Tlert Compose.

4.7.8 Updates
- Replying to a message and receiving an incoming call resulted in keyboard stuck over call
- Disabled "Show on lockscreen" resulted in unresponsive keyboard
- Fixed iBlacklist integration
- Shelf icon sometimes appearing on screen when no tlert
- Silent switch does not show on first change

4.7.6 Updates
- Delay Lockscreen shutoff when typing - Remove reply bubble on incoming text (sporadic)
4.7 Updates
- Separated 3.x and 4.x libraries (new updates will be for 4.x only) - New backend design to remediate all conflicts with other apps, SpringBoard keyboards, Rotation, etc. - Added "Shelf" feature to allow you to place messages onto status bar, and double tap to return - All known bugs fixed
4.6 Updates
- Fix for tlert causing SpringBoard Status Bar to rotate on occassion

4.5 Updates
- Recent lists shows correct phone # from contact (previously used first phone # on contact instead of one actually used)
- History view now working on 4.2.1
- When in SMS app and texting user � will always not show tlert if you receive a message from that contact currently viewing (previously worked until phone was locked)
- Sound not playing on 4.2.1
- Sometimes Tlert jumps back to recipient field right after selecting recipient
- Sporadically Tlert msg might get stuck
- Text Message Sounds on 4.2.1

4.4 Updates
- iOS 4.2.1 Compatibility

- Recent Recipients list shows up when composing
- Fix for crash when composing 2 back to back msgs
- Fix for Rotated contact image on i4
- Fix for landscape keyboard in conversation/compose (only portrait supported at this time)
- Reply Count/Label uses font color of reply (less alpha)
- Fix for sending messages in native SMS app doesn't play sent sound
- Fix for replying to message in conversation view, receive new message, and sending reply back to original message

- iOS 4.0 Support
- Support for History/Conversation Mode
- Support for MMS
- Quick Compose
- Fixed Scrolling while typing
- Fix Rotation Sensitivity
- Moved to MobileSubstrate
- Moved to run inside SpringBoard
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